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Betting operators against fraud in sports

Fraud may damage and the online betting business. Many a supplier finds itself forced to act. The online betting exchange Betfair, for example, has therefore agreed to forward data from participants with suspicious betting high stakes on organizations such as the Football Association.

The name of the referee Robert Hoyzer is all friends of the football match in permanent memory. With his name is linked one of the largest sports betting fraud in German football. Quite come to rest, is the professional football in Germany to this day. Clubs and national team this year werea suspected to have been involved in fraudulent activity. The international football remains fraud not spared: In May, for example, corresponding suspicion in the Netherlands.

A case in point

Strikingly large sums were placed at the end of 2004, among other Betfair on the UEFA Cup game against Panionios Athens Dynamo Tbilisi. Betfair is one of the world’s biggest markets for sports betting. Athens was called the UEFA Cup game to break back to 0-1 and eventually won 5-2.

Precisely in this game development, with a leading team from Tbilisi and Athens as the winner of the game, was the sports betting operator Betfair put an unusual amount of money. The pressure to act for the sports betting providers increased and led to Betfair finally the so-called “Memorandum of Understanding”. With these memoranda, Betfair is committed to give customer data in case of suspicious high bets on major sporting organizations.

He also sees the main task of the online betting company in the fight against match fixing is to establish suitable countermeasures. Leinert said in an interview that there are already early warning systems and a global network of private sports betting provider. The measures are, if unusually high amounts are set at a sports bet. State betting providers such as Oddset so Leinert have their own immune systems.