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Get the best betting odds available -

Calculating betting odds at horse racing

How the betting odds at horseracing calculate? Each has determined already asked the question, how the betting odds in the horse racing sector arise. It is the horse racing area between two major types of bets to differentiate. First, there are the odds bets and secondly the totalizer. When bookmaker bet the odds, as already guessed from the name, determined by the bookmaker. This draws to determine statistical data zoom and then evaluates them. To gain an advantage for the customer, there is the bookmaker’s margin.

This is a percentage; the benefit of the horseracing bookmaker is designed. It is deducted from the betting odds. Thus, it should be clear to everyone that you are at a bookmaker bet directly set against the horse betting providers. Bookmakers are betting the odds firmly before the start of the race, besides the bookmaker bet there are the totalizer, when you do not act against the totalizer-betting bookmaker but against other players.

The odds on this bet are in the delivery of the betting slip fixed. In a horse race, betting enthusiasts can pay all in a large pot. However, not all the stakes in the form of profits are redistributed. A percentage will be the organizers of the race, the horse betting company deducted and other institutions, usually lying pay out ratio at 85%. Yet how the results at a totalizer betting odds? If one of the classic case of an outright proceeds, the rate is calculated for a particular horse from the quotient of the sum of all bets, all taxes and other costs are deducted.


Let us start with the assumption that on the winning horse Blackhawk total of € 2,000 was set. The entire field in total bets totalling € 6,000 were placed. The total amount of all bets are called „large pool “. From the “big pool” is now called „Take out “deducted. The “Take out” is usually 1/6 of the “big pool”.

After the “Take out” was withdrawn, remain left over € 5000. This amount is called „net pool “means. The “Net Pool” represents the distribution of profits. The rate on our winning horse is now calculated as follows: 5000 € (Net Pool) / 2000 € (bets on Blackhawk) = 2.5, the profit share on Blackhawk is thus 2.5. By now, everyone should be aware of why the final quotas in totalizer until the start of the race cannot be known. Until the start of the race to make the customers more bets, and thus changes the „large pool “all the time.

That is why the horse betting provider offers before the start of the race only Eventualquoten, which serve as a benchmark.