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Jose Mourinho predicts England will progress out of World Cup group

Jose Mourinho has played it safe when predicting which teams will reach the last-16 of this month’s World Cup.

The Chelsea boss, clearly keen to keep friends over here onside, said that England will progress out of their group alongside Italy.

That means the Portuguese believes Luis Suarez and Uruguay will fail to get out of one of the tougher-looking groups.
‘I’m very emotional, I go always with my friends,’ Mourinho told Yahoo Sport. ‘If I say England out, next season they won’t let me coach here.’

There was a recurring theme to his choices, with the personalities and countries closest to the manager’s heart unsurprisingly going through.

Louis van Gaal’s Holland, Didier Drogba’s Ivory Coast and Nigeria are all predicted to get out of their respective groups.

Interestingly in Holland’s group – where they will play Spain, Chile and Australia – Mourinho claims the favourites will go through, but that the South Americans could easily finish in the top two.
As for his native Portugal, Mourinho is backing them to edge out USA and Ghana to finish second behind Germany in a group where he expects no team will finish on zero points.

Meanwhile, he is expecting France – who have won one World Cup group match in 12 years – to perform much better this time around and win their group ahead of Switzerland.